Monday, June 8, 2009

Poems that Rhyme

The shadow of a pen on paper in the candle light

A lock of hair that just won’t stay right

Old greeting cards that say ‘I love you’

And pretty pictures that say ‘Seasons Greetings’ too

Paper napkins in coffee shops with tea

With a little piece of cake for you and me

Children who scribble with crayons on the wall

And a little lamp burning in a lonely hall

Memories of warmth and a nice evening walk

Meaningless conversations and a meaningful talk

Lying down on the cold floor in summers

Of rock bands I don't get- Guitarists and drummers

Waiting for it to rain by the window sill

Waiting for the clouds to loom over the hill

A song from about ten years ago

A wildflower voice and away I go

Of missing someone in the dead of the night

The shadow of a pen on paper in the candle light


Hari Chakyar said...

Liked the pictures you clicked here.That strand of hair, the kids canvassing the wall, tp conversations and 'i need to talk's and someone awaiting the rains...

Nice! (not biscuit).

anishMeanon said...

I loved the visual delights you have captured in simple words..

disha06 said...

thank u :)