Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do you?

Do you think of me the way I do?
Do you wish for me, upon a shooting star,
Or sit with a lonely sun,
as the waves rise to swallow it?

Do you share your lonely silent moments,
And those amidst all the noise,
With the me of your imagination?

Do you wonder what I would do,
Or say to you right now,
If I were there with you?

Do you dream often of smiling
wrinkled smiles together,
and still not running out of things to say?

Do you wait for me when you know I won’t come,
and look for my face in the crowd,
even when I couldn’t possibly be there?

Do you see my picture in those impulsive,
Stolen moments, and wish that it would,
Come to life somehow?

Do you chat with me at night,
When I’m not around,
Desperately wishing I was?

Do you ever think of me the way I do?


wanderingalone said...

nice yaa, disha......
so beautiful!!!!!!

wanderingalone said...

everytime i read it, it feels even better........