Monday, November 19, 2007

Why I Write

I write to vent myself. I write to escape from my surroundings and create a new world. I write so that I can make my own rules. I write to express myself. I write to see a clear picture of my thoughts. I write about things I can’t talk about. I write to understand people. I write so that I am understood. I write to control my thoughts. I write to set them free. I write to feel emotions. I write to be immune. I write for myself and for others. I write to overcome my fears. I write to fall in love with the words, and the tale they tell. I write for creating characters I want to see in the world. I write to reach somewhere else in space and time. I write so that I know where I am. I write because my I like the sound of the pen scratching on paper and the silence in between. I write to channel my inspiration, or maybe I don’t. I write so that I never forget my experiences. I write so that I forget them. I write like I’m listening to an obscure song, or like I’m with my pets. I write like I’m crying, or laughing out loud. I write to relax. I write when I’m relaxed. I write to exercise my brain, and my heart. I write for fun. I write.

1 comment:

anishMeanon said...

I hope your pen keeps writing..
And i have the pleasure to keep reading what you write.. :)